State Conference Program 2016
Join us at the
57th Montana National Guard State Conference
22-24 April 2016

The Radisson Colonial Hotel
2301 Colonial Drive, Helena MT 59601
Phone: (406)449-2100

Please use the following forms to stay involved with our efforts to fund a great state conference for our military members!

Corporate Membership Form 2016

Corporate State Conference Registration Form 2016

Corporate Program

Business/Military Partnership for over 20 years!

The Corporate Membership Program is designed to embrace the individual business as part of the MTNGA team. Our goal is to build communications and rapport between military professionals and the business community. Together we will build upon a strong history of support from defense contractors and other businesses that depend upon and support National Guard activities and training in Montana communities. Your MTNGA Corporate Membership will help us meet one of our most important objectives: To support the growing relationship between the Guard and your business and community!

In times of peace, it is all too easy to forget or take for granted those men and women of valor who preserve freedom as a way of life for all of us. Like other "insurance policies", The National Guard is often appreciated only in times of state or federal crisis. Each day the soldiers and airmen of the National Guard stand ready to give their lives if necessary to protect our freedom and security. They deserve our appreciation and support not only in emergency situations, but each and every day. Businesses like yours can play a part in supporting our soldiers and maintaining the security of our state by partnering with the MTNGA through corporate membership.

The Montana National Guard is a 1000 member strong organization made up of active and retired Air and Army National Guard members. MTNGA was formed to promote the welfare of National Guard personnel. Today, we continue to deliver what we promised from the beginning – representation of our citizen soldiers to maintain the Guard as an effective national defense element and state emergency asset. The following are just a few of the many ways in which the MTNGA works to help accomplish the mission.

  • Work for improved benefits for our men and women of the Air and Army Guard.
  • Support equipment modernization for the Guard through legislation at the state and national levels.
  • Develop state and federal political contacts through networking.
  • Serve as a unified voice for the MTNGA members and the entire Montana National Guard.
  • Provide conference forums where military, political and industry leaders can discuss state and national issues.