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What happened in 2013?

There were 2 wins with SB185 and SB63. These will result in a positive impact on our currently serving military members as well as veterans.

Progress was made in the form of HB579. Its passage will pave the way for legislative success in the 2015 legislature by compiling factual data for the legislature on the economic impacts of the military in Montana.

We had challenges in getting individual tax credits passed in the 2013 session. HB49 was tabled along with HB592. Part of the challenge was that there was no factual study data in existence to provide the legislature with the economic impact of what the military does for Montana. HB579 could help us in achieving a breakthrough in 2015. Read more more about the success and challenges of your MTNGA with the recap at the links provided.

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State and Territorial Support For Members of the National Guard, the Reserves and Their Families

A Report by the National Governors Association With the Support of the Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Military Community and Family Policy)
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